3 Tips to Help You Take Proper Care of Dentures

3 Tips to Help You Take Proper Care of Dentures

Posted by Nicole Edwards Oct 30, 2022

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The first thing to know is: what are dental dentures. Dental dentures are removable false teeth which are made up of acrylic, nylon or metal and can firmly fit over the gums to replace the missing teeth. They help improve the appearance of the face and maintain the structure of the mouth, but it is necessary to take good care of your dentures.

Clean your dentures after every meal

It helps to remove the food particles and disease-causing bacteria, which will keep your dentures clean and fresh and reduce problems, especially plaque. Cleaning your dentures would not only make them whiter, as your natural teeth, but can also be very effective to increase the longevity of your dentures. If you don’t clean your dentures after every meal, there is a possibility of staining and they may need to be replaced sooner.

There are special dental cleansers made specifically to clean the dentures. You can also clean your dentures with a dental brush or try using a soft toothbrush for the same. While doing so, make sure to follow the instructions mentioned by the manufacturer to have good oral health.

Do not brush your dentures using normal toothpaste

Dentures are made of plastic, so it is not advisable to use the normal toothpaste – which is designed for bone-hard natural teeth. Normal toothpaste contains minerals and chemicals that can help strengthen and whiten natural teeth but can harm the dentures.

Make sure that you use dish washing liquid and a special denture brush for washing, and soak your dentures in a water-based cleaning solution overnight after washing them.

Repair broken dentures

Never try fixing a broken denture by your own even though it might seem easy it is always advisable to go to a professional for the same. As broken dentures can lead to a wide array of oral issues and other oral problems, it is advisable to consult your prosthodontist soon.

The professionals at Advanced Dental in Anchorage have years of experience and are be able to repair your dentures easily. After the repair is completed, they will also adjust the dental dentures according to the measurements of your jaw.

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