Denture Repairs, Relines, & Adjustments

Denture Repairs, Relines, & Adjustments

Posted by Nicole Edwards Oct 02, 2022

our dentist will occasionally need to make repairs to your dentures as well as reline them or adjust them to make sure that they fit and function the way they are meant to. Your Advanced Dental Solutions specialist will check how your dentures fit and how they function at every appointment after you have received your dentures. They will also recommend services, such as repairs, relines, and adjustments.

Denture Repairs

If a denture has become broken or has been damaged in some way, you should immediately contact our dental office and speak with a staff member that can repair your dentures and get them as close to their original condition as possible. They will need to be in good condition to work like they should, allowing you to eat, speak, chew, and smile. After your dentures have been repaired, you will get instructions on how to protect the appliance for future reference.

Denture Relines

Your dentures will shift over time, changing in the way they fit onto your mouth. They will need to be relined by a professional every year or two in order to make sure that they are still secure and functioning properly. You may require a soft reline or a hard reline depending on your dental situation. Hard relines are performed every 2 years and involve removing plastic layers from the surface of dentures and creating an impression that is used to adjust the dentures.

Soft relines may be required if dentures are causing soreness or sensitivity in the gums. If this is the case, you may want to consider other options for a more permanent solution to tooth loss.

Denture Adjustments

Adjusting the dentures will need to be done as they change their fit in the mouth as time goes on. Adjustments are important to make sure teeth fit properly and they function properly so that you can speak and eat without difficulty. Contact our Advanced Dental Solutions office for information about adjustments as well as other issues with dentures.

If you are wearing an appliance to replace teeth in your mouth, such as dentures, speak with a professional in our office if you notice any loosening in the fit of appliances or other problems, such as damage or broken dental equipment.

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