Improving Your Smile with Dental Veneers

Improving Your Smile with Dental Veneers

Posted by Nicole Edwards Dec 16, 2022

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If you have chipped or discolored teeth, with a few visits to your dentist, you can have the perfect smile. Veneers are custom-made to match your natural teeth if one or two teeth are being fixed. The materials used to create veneers are durable and strong to withstand your normal chewing.

Why Should You Have a Veneer Procedure

There are various reasons why you should have a veneer treatment procedure done on your teeth at Advanced Dental Solutions. Some of them include.

  • Replace Damaged Teeth

The enamel might be the strongest part of your tooth but it can be degraded with use over time. Your tooth enamel might crack or wear down due to various reasons such as, over brushing or grinding and clenching of your teeth. Enamels do not grow back once they are eroded. However, they can be replaced using veneers.

  • Used in Cosmetic Dentistry

Spaced or crooked teeth can also be fixed using veneers. They don’t move the teeth but they can disguise the minor problems with correct placement. It’s important that you discuss the viability of this procedure with your dentist before settling for it.

  • Whitens Your Teeth

Your dream of having that perfect celebrity smile shouldn’t be far. Veneers can be used to cover up discolored teeth giving you the confidence you need to take over the world. You might prefer the teeth whitening products to brighten your smile but with time your teeth might stain again.

To save you money and unnecessary trips to your dentist, you should go for veneers as they do not stain and save you the trips to your dentist for teeth whitening.

  • Natural Look

Veneers might be fake but after the procedure they will not be any different with your real teeth. They are usually customized to blend in with the rest of your teeth. Teeth shades vary from one person to another.

Choosing the right shade while doing only a few of your teeth might be easy since you will be comparing them with the rest of your teeth. When you are getting all your teeth done by veneers, your skin tone is also put into consideration. This ensures that your teeth don’t look fake when you smile.

Installation Process for Veneers

The first step of getting veneers is making an appointment with your dentist. You will then discuss why you need veneers and the best options available for you. The dentist will examine your teeth and get x-rays to determine the wellness of your dental health. If you have any periodontal diseases, you will not be eligible for veneers until they are treated.

Your dentist might set up the next appointment for trimming and sizing your teeth for the procedures. After the outer part of your enamel is sized. A mold is made then sent to the laboratories where your veneers will be custom made.

After a week or two, the veneers are evaluated to make sure they fit your teeth and are of the right tone.

Your teeth are cleaned, then a paste is applied on your teeth to hold the veneer. It is then hardened using a special light. Within 30 minutes you will have achieved that perfect set of teeth.

After Care Tips for Veneers

Unlike other dental procedures, after veneers are pasted in place, you can eat and chew as the aesthetic is wearing off. You might feel some roughness of the cement after the procedure. If it doesn’t wear off after a few days, you are advised to visit your dentist for smoothening them out.

You can stay with your porcelain veneers 10 to 15 years. Durability will depend on how you take care of your oral hygiene.

  • Visiting your dentist on regular basis should be on you must to do list.
  • Brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.
  • Avoid chewing and biting the hard foods using your front teeth. Use your back teeth.
  • If you are doing accident prone activities such as sports always wear a mouth guard.
  • Do not use your teeth to open packages, biting nails or objects like pencils and pens.
  • Get a splint or retainer if you grind and clench your teeth at night.

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