Repair Your Smile with A Dental Restoration

Repair Your Smile with A Dental Restoration

Posted by Nicole Edwards Oct 12, 2022

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If you are unhappy about your smile and wish to restore it beauty once again, you may choose effective dental restoration process. These procedures can address all your dental issues and help obtain healthy and beautiful smile once again. When you have long desired for best smile, go with Smile Makeovers procedures.


If you have decay or tooth loss due to any reasons, filling can actually help. In this technique, filling will be done in a manner that it could enhance the overall appearance of your teeth. It is available in various colours and thus can mimic the natural appearance of your teeth. It can thus enhance your smile.


Crowns come in the form of cap which can cover the existing teeth to enhance its appearance. In this procedure, both sides of tooth are carefully covered to aesthetically improve the teeth appearance. This is a popular treatment to beautify smile.


Bridge is a suitable restoration option in case of missing tooth. In this procedure, an artificial tooth is crafted to fill the gap between two healthy teeth. This can be done with the help of crowns. The false tooth is created in a manner that enhances the overall smile appearance.

Dental Implants

Implant uses titanium rod to fill the positions of missing or decayed tooth. If required, grafting is to be done before the placement of implant. Even when implant takes little more time than other dental treatment, the results of dental implant is far beyond expectation.


Dentures are affordable ways to repair smile. In this treatment, patient needs to wear dentures for improvement. Dentures come with custom fit options for each patient. Depending on the situation, dentist may suggest partial or full dentures to the patient.


Veneers use custom made shell like material which are prepared in dental laboratories. It is used to cover stained, crocked, chipped or highly decayed tooth. It can effectively cover the front teeth to extraordinarily enhance smile appearance. The material of veneers can actually match the tooth colour.

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