Treatments for a Smile Makeover

Treatments for a Smile Makeover

Posted by Nicole Edwards Nov 17, 2022

Confidence has a lot to do with how you feel about your appearance. People today are finding more value working on their cosmetic appearance to improve the quality of their life. Ideally, a good-looking, healthy smile is significant in social life and confidence building. Unfortunately, not everyone is privileged to have beautiful teeth. It explains why smile makeovers are big in this era.

What Is A Smile Makeover About?

A smile makeover concerns changing how your teeth look to improve your appearance. If lies under cosmetic dentistry, where dentists invest a lot of time in finding the best solutions for bad teeth. The conditions of teeth that require a smile makeover differ from one patient to another. For some, it is due to accidents and injuries, while for others, poor oral hygiene. Whatever your reasons, dentists are more than capable of correcting your teeth.

What Conditions Can Be Treated?

A smile makeover can address one or more of the following oral issues:

  • Discolored teeth – can be a result of thinning of the enamel, foods, and drinks or poor oral hygiene.
  • Broken teeth – the shape of a broken tooth can be corrected during the makeover
  • Crooked teeth – it happens to be the most common reason behind smile makeovers.
  • Missing teeth – the gaps left by missing teeth are not attractive
  • Gummy smile – the gumline should not show too much when you smile

What Treatments Are Used In Smile Makeovers?

A smile makeover may differ from one person to another. A dentist can perform one transformative procedure, or perform several. It all depends on how bad your teeth are. Technically, the more the treatments you need, the higher the smile makeover costs. Given the different issues that can be treated in a smile transformation, here are some treatments you can expect:

  • Teeth whitening – is the most basic treatment in a makeover process. It involves professionally bleaching teeth to make them look whiter and brighter than before. Part of the process involves plaque removal, while the rest of it concentrates on removing the stains on the surfaces of teeth. This treatment may not work for stubborn stains on teeth.
  • Dental crowns – are used in most restorative dentistry procedures. For the most part, they cover decayed teeth and protect them from further decay. However, the tooth crowns are also useful in smile makeover anchorage where other procedures are involved. This is a common situation when dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth.
  • Dental bridges – when you are missing a tooth or more, a dental bridge can be used to close the gap. It relies on dental crowns on adjacent teeth for anchorage, and an artificial tooth to fill the space.
  • Dental implants – implants are a more permanent solution to missing teeth. They, however, must rely on dental crowns to cover the top and give them a cosmetically appealing appearance.
  • Gum reduction surgery – it is a minor surgery that deals with a gummy smile. A dentist will work to reduce your smile and leave just enough tissue to support your teeth.
  • Gum grafting – unlike gun reduction surgery, gum grafting is used on gums that have receded too far from teeth. Gum recession exposes part of the tooth and can cause them to be loose or even fall off. Gum recession is often a consequence of poor oral hygiene and gum disease.
  • Orthodontic treatment – features different dental devices that help to straighten malpositioned teeth. Orthodontic treatment deals with Invisalign®, traditional braces, retainers, among other dental appliances. They correct the sitting of teeth in the mouth by applying controlled pressure to move the teeth to the right position. Orthodontic treatment works for crowded teeth, crooked teeth, and gaps between teeth.
  • Dental dentures – installing dentures is the perfect solution for patients with multiple missing teeth. Whether due to aging or an accident, if you have more than three teeth missing, this treatment is best for you. Even then, the dentist will require dentures anchorage to make the treatment successful and effective.
  • Tooth extraction – sometimes, a tooth or two has to be extracted to improve how your smile looks. This happens a lot for patients with teeth too big for their jaws.

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