Why Healthy Gums are the Key to Overall Health

Why Healthy Gums are the Key to Overall Health

Posted by Nicole Edwards Nov 01, 2022

The most important thing for a person is to take care of his health, and that is possible by proper hygiene. The overall health also includes properly maintaining the gums and having healthy and strong gums as well. Many practices could help improve the health of your gums and give you healthy gums.

Healthy Gum Tissue

So first what you need to know is how healthy gums look like so that you can differentiate between the healthy and unhealthy gums. The healthy gums won’t be having any kind of inflammation. The color of the gum would be Coral pink, and this thing can also be a darker hue. It is similar to a knife edge and has a form texture as you touch them. There would not be any kind of bleeding, and the gums would have a stippled appearance.

Unhealthy Gum tissue

Where is an unhealthy gum tissue would have the following characteristics such as the gum tissue would respond with inflammation if there is a plaque against the gumline. The bacterial plaque is considered to be the leading cause of periodontal diseases and gingivitis. Apart from the bacterial plaque, the other factors that lead to advanced gum disease are:

  • Use of tobacco
  • Obesity or stress
  • Genetics or some kind of medication
  • Lack of nutrition
  • Grinding of teeth

The gum diseases once developed can harm the overall oral health along with the gums, so it is better to have certain habits to keep your gums healthy.

One such habit is brushing your teeth daily and adequately using a soft bristle toothbrush. Along with that makes sure that the bristles are soft so that they can get beneath the gum line. Cleaning your mouth daily could reduce the bacteria platform accumulating in your mouth and give you healthy gums.

Another useful habit is flossing acid to remove the food debris, thereby helping to stop tooth decay and bad breath. This way, they would be minimal chances of gum disease and would be a one step forward towards a healthy gum.

Lastly make sure to visit your dentist regularly and not wait until you are in a lot of pain or for gum disease to attack. Advanced Dental Solutions have the best experience staff that would help you solve your oral health problems.

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