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Cosmetic Dentures

When people think of dentures, they often think of their grandparents or other elderly friends and relatives. Many can remember hearing an elderly relative or friend tell their stories of loose dentures, inability to chew certain foods, and which denture cream works the best in attempts to keep their dentures from falling out while speaking or smiling.

Well, the team here at Advanced Dental Solutions is aware of the many issues with dentures, from poor fitting and loose dentures, to old looking smiles. This is why Dr. Williams and Dr. Burke, have developed many techniques to give you the most stable and best cosmetic dentures possible. Our goal is to have your dentures look and feel a natural part of your body.

Modern Cosmetic Dentures

In the past, dentures tended to be big and ill-fitting, with little attention paid to making them look natural. These dentures often made the face look saggy or collapsed. Well those days are gone. The cosmetic dentures made in our in-house dental lab not only give you the best fit possible, but also are created to be as natural looking as possible. If that wasn’t enough good news, Dr Williams and Dr Burke also can give you many options to attach your dentures to dental implants, providing you with rock solid stability, improving your ability to chew, and eliminating those embarrassing loose dentures.

Replacement Dentures

Due to the heavy forces placed upon dentures during normal use, and continual changes in the bone and gums, it is recommend that dentures be evaluated every 2 years, and replaced every 5 to 7 years.

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