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Dental Bonding Service

Dental bonding is the modern, complex technique of bonding tooth-like materials to restore damaged teeth, or to reshape teeth for cosmetic dental purposes. Our office can take care of your dental bonding in just one visit – bonding the composite material to the tooth. Our professionals promise top-notch results for dental bonding in and use the latest technology equipment.

Restoring with Dental Bonding

Unlike the old way of packing a mercury-silver filling material, (amalgam) into a hole in a tooth, which leads to cracks or fractures of teeth, dental bonding materials are bonded to the tooth, and restore strength to the tooth. Not only are dental bonding materials strong, they also look like natural tooth. Gone are the days of having to tolerate showing silver or gray in your smile because of mercury filling material. Dental bonding is also an excellent choice to protect sensitive and exposed tooth roots if your gums are receding.

Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic Dental Bonding can be a less expensive alternative to dental veneers for cosmetic dentistry that allows teeth to look the way you desire. Teeth can be shaped and polished so that they match the appearance of your natural teeth. Cosmetic uses for bonding often include improving discoloration or fixing a chipped tooth. Composite bonding can also close gaps in the teeth or make ground down teeth look longer. It can change the shape of your teeth and even the color of them.

It is also an alternative to getting amalgam fillings and protecting exposed tooth roots if your gums are receding. You do not need to prepare for dental bonding – it can be done in a single visit to our office.

If you have considerred having your teeth restored and repaired, contact our office with questions, or book your appointment online. The Advanced Dental Solutions team is always prepared to give you the dental treatment you need to get the smile you deserve.