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Denture Repairs

Advanced Dental Solutions is your one-stop resource for quick, convenient, and high-quality denture repairs in Anchorage.

While there are many denture repair services advertised online, only our team can offer professional, hands-on repair to your dentures without you having to send them off to an unknown service that may – or may not – provide the level of expert care that our office provides.

Types of Denture Repairs

The following are a few of the more common denture repairs we’ve helped patients achieve. If you don’t see your particular issue listed, please give us a call – there’s a very high chance we can help you!

  • Repair of a denture plate.
  • Repair of a crack in the denture.
  • Repair of a denture that’s broken into several pieces.
  • Repair of a denture that has excessive adhesive build-up.
  • Repair of a denture that’s been damaged by impact.

Why Local Denture Repair is Preferred to Mail Away Services

Many times, your dentures may just need to be relined, rather than repaired or replaced. When you visit, we can determine whether this simple procedure is all that’s needed rather than a complete denture replacement. We’ve saved countless patients the unnecessary expense of repair or replacement through this procedure which relines your dentures and helps them to stay in place for many more years than you may have first imagined.

Full Denture and Partial Denture Repair Services

Since the repair process is almost identical for partial dentures as it is for full dentures, we encourage you to bring your partial denture repair issues to our office for a quick evaluation. Just give our office a call to learn how we can help your individual need.

Convenient Hours Mean Convenient Repair and Pick-Up

Another advantage to using our dental lab for your denture repair services boils down to a matter of convenience. Rather than waiting for a package to be delivered in your mail or left on your doorstep – with a potential for theft – our caring and professional staff will provide personable, one-on-one service without any associated worry or inconvenience. Give us a call today to learn more or avail our services of denture repairs in Anchorage.